Shelbyville Kentucky History

This tiny corner of the Kentucky market is the birthplace of horses you'll love, and over the years these horses have evolved into modern breeds like the American saddle horse. Shelbyville is surrounded by more than 80 saddle farms, earning it the nickname "The American Saddle Capitol of the World." Shelbyville, known as the "American Saddling Capital of The World," has maintained its small-town vibe despite the growth of horse farms and the development of modern saddles in recent years.

The same is true of the road to the Louisville seat of government that crosses the Shelbyville River, crossing the Kentucky-Ohio River. The route from Shelbyville to Falls, Ohio, now known as the Midland Trail on US 60, was built between Bland and Ballard and originally belonged to Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Myers. Buckner acquired and owned land from Myers, Cuthbert and Harrison, including the sunken fork in the road and the old railway tracks on the east side of the river.

The location of the toll road between Louisville and Lexington also makes it a popular stopover for travelers. Interstate 64 connects Shelbyville with the Kentucky - Ohio River and the southern terminus at Lexington, south of Louisville.

Guests can also enjoy their meal in the elegantly furnished dining room and tasting room. The property also hosts fun events, whether it is a beautiful terrace overlooking the courtyard or a barn with three barrels where a much-anticipated batch of bourbon is currently aged. Recently, the distillery also hosted an event called the Jeptha Games in conjunction with the Kentucky Bourbon Affair, where visitors had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including golf, horse riding and horse racing. Today, a guided tour of the Sattelhof is only available by appointment.

Legend has it that it was built in the 1920s by Robert A. Sattelhof, a Shelby County native who moved west and amassed a fortune with timber and other interests.

After learning of Jeptha Knob's rich history in Kentucky, the Dutch decided to make her part of their name. The family settled in what is now Shelbyville, a small town in Shelby County, Kentucky, about 30 miles south of Louisville.

It is widely believed that the name is derived from Middletown, Kentucky, a small town in the eastern part of the state. Other sources suggest, however, that the location of the place was named by the nearby town of Shelby due to its proximity to the river and the name of the town.

The Shelby Railroad Company connected the city of Anchorage with the main Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad lines. The Shelby Railroad connects the cities of Alaska and Shelby, Kentucky, with the Louisville and Cincinnati Mainline Railroad and reaches the main routes Louisville - Cincinnati - Lexington Railway, as well as Kentucky and Louisville & Kentucky Railway. In the late 19th century, the Shelby Railroad Company connected Alaska with the city to reach the major Louisville / Cincinnati / Lexington railroad lines and their terminus in Anchorage.

After the war, Whitaker provided the foundations for the Kentucky and Louisville & Kentucky Railway, the Louisville and Cincinnati Mainline Railroad, and the Shelby Railroad, among others.

For more information on why everyone in Kentucky should make the trip to Shelbyville, see our previous article. To learn more about the history of the Shelby County Historical Society, visit its website and Facebook page.

An animated map illustrating the boundary changes in Kentucky County is available on the left side of this page under the rotating formation of Shelby County, Kentucky. The original marriage records are kept in the Kentucky State Archives, while the divorce records from 1849 to 1958 are kept in Shelby County Circuit Court. Probate records contain records of all Kentucky counties and county officials and are housed in the Shelby County Kentucky Genealogy Courthouse. Microfilmed recordings are also included in a collection of microfilms exhibited on the Kentucky Historical Society's website.

The FamilySearch Locations catalog provides instructions, and the Family Search section provides information on how to find Kentucky Birth Records and how to find Kentucky Death Records for links to indexes and images. Search the Shelby County Kentucky Genealogy Courthouse for the Kentucky birth and death certificates from the state archives. The complete Kentucky Historical Society collection of Kentucky birth and death certificates is available from the Filson Historical Society in Louisville.

In March of the following year, the Kentucky General Assembly passed a law authorizing the creation of Shelby County, Kentucky, as a city under the name Shelbyville. The city was chartered by Jefferson County Court and the city's first public school district, Shelby City Schools, was established. Shelbyville's public education is managed by the Shelby County Public School District, which operates Jefferson, Clay, Litchfield and Layne Public Schools and several private schools in the area. Shelby County has an extensive parking system and there are several facilities in and around Shelbyvillians. Walking leads to talks, conversations lead to actions, walking leads to talks, speeches lead to actions, walking leads to action.

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More About Shelbyville