Shelbyville Kentucky Attractions

Kentucky is no exception, and Shelbyville is known as the American semitrailer capital of the world. Located in the heart of the horse country, there are picturesque excursions that take you past horse farms and many entertaining horse shows that take place throughout the year. Shelby County, Kentucky's second largest city, known as "America's Saddle-Tied Capital" and "Saddlebred City of Kentucky," was founded out of a desire to preserve its small-town vibe.

There are several places within the city limits, but it is also just a short drive from countless other options, and there are also many great restaurants, shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues within walking distance.

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If you want more information about Shelbyville or plan to visit, visit the city's website or go online. Reservations are required for the tour and can be booked online or by phone with the Shelby County Visitors Bureau at (502) 543-5555 or the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. A fishing license is required, but you can purchase it online by calling your local sheriff's office or the Fish and Wildlife Service office in your county.

This is handy when you move home, or when people are visiting or passing through, it is also handy to access your data. Click "Get" and tell us how you will use it when you sign up, and you can access the information at any time via the Shelby County Visitor Bureau website or on our Facebook page.

As we continue to offer destinations that make our state wonderful, please take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list at a later date.

Take a guided tour of the region's horse farms to see the beautiful show animals as trainers work them in the arena. Take a walk through the stables and listen to guides explain how different breeds are trained to become show horses. Get involved with the athletes who raise and train the horses on the farm tours or take part in a hand-in-hand race - an experience that allows you to be up close and personal with a horse.

Not to be missed is the historic Science Hill, home to the Kentucky Museum of Natural History, the oldest museum in the state of Kentucky. It has an old stone-carved and rock-shaped chairs, a museum-style museum and an outdoor amphitheatre overlooking the limestone quarry and the lake.

During my visit to the area, I had dinner at least once, but a walk through the historic Kentucky Museum of Natural History, the oldest museum in the state of Kentucky, is not to be missed. In honor of his wife Claudia, Colonel Sanders opened his own restaurant, "Colonel Sanders and Claudia's," in Shelbyville, Kentucky, just blocks from the museum.

Smaller groups can get involved in a ride that sounds like the definition of fun at the Shelbyville County Fair, the largest annual event in the state of Kentucky. Children have access to Gallrein farms, where they can meet various animals in a petting zoo and feed ducks and geese in a pond.

More About Shelbyville

More About Shelbyville